Tuesday 27 February 2024

A bad experience using the self checkout at the Luton Lidl shop on Febru...

I had a bad experience using the self checkout machine at the Luton, Bury park Lidl shop yesterday afternoon at 2.09pm February 26th 2024. I had bough 11 items. I was just about finished ringing my items through, when the cashier asked me if I was returning the remaining 4 items.

I had these 4 items in the large basket. If I were returning the items, I would have called the cashier to let her know my intentions. I think that maybe the cashier was under pressure from the customer behind me. The irony of the matter is that I am good at using the self checkout machine, unlike a lot of the other customers using the same machines. I have observed these people when I am waiting in line. I have seen customers ringing their items through, paying for their items and then they go to get a bag to bag their items with. I bring my own bags and I ring my items through and I bag each item that I have rung through. It's all about being efficient and getting the job done properly. These practices help to reduce lines building up.

Friday 2 February 2024

My affiliate membership with the UK council for Psychotherapy.


I have become an affiliate member with the UK council for Psychotherapy. My membership is geared toward the research I am undertaking in the areas of psychotherapy and counsel/ling.

Here's a link to my tricsolution1.com site. You can see my membership verification more clearly here.


Remote influencing therapy services

Here is the link to my new Youtube channel for Remote Influencing therapy. http://www.youtube.com/@remoteinfluencingtherapy