Monday 28 December 2020

Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI, private membership organization.


Potential clients interested in hiring me for my consulting, coaching, research, training services, will be required to join my Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI private membership organization. There are 0 costs associated with joining PTRI.

Here is a link from my Google sites web site for TRICS. It provides more info on Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI: private membership organization.

Sunday 18 October 2020

A thought experiment I had undertaken back in 2010 - I had predicted Covid 19.


I had undertaken a powerful and a life changing thought experiment back in 2010. This experiment became the guiding force for the work I had been doing and which I am continuing with at present and in the future as well.

I have been using hand sanitizers for many years now. I had people making fun of me for this practice. The same thing happened when I would buy several shower gels to keep on hand. These 2 items had become quite scarce recently, due to the Covid 19 breakout. So, who's laughing now?

Here's a link to a post from my Ato Consulting Dot com Wordpress site/blog. It provides more info on the above.

Thursday 23 July 2020

TRICS - The Remote Influencer Consulting Solution niche service offerings.

The Remote Influencer Consulting Solution is a boutique consulting firm which provides unique niche service offerings to clients across the globe. The internet makes this all possible. We are going through some challenging times with the Corona virus outbreak. This is why we need to become more tech savvy. Learning how to cope with self isolation is another area to focus on. I will write more about these areas in future posts.

I will now be redirecting my service offerings to the area of Performance Improvement Consulting. I will no longer be providing my counsel/ling services. I will keep those pages up for a while though. 

Here is a link to a post on my Performance Improvement consulting service offering. It's from my blog for Project The Remote Influencer.