Monday 15 May 2023

My funny and tad bit rude, jingle : FuShutup


I came up a funny and somewhat rude jingle the other day. It's ok to be funny sometimes and to make jokes etc. I would love to share my jingle with the world. This is all possible nowadays, thanks to the internet. I shot a Youtube video where you see my playing the jingle via my Google drive attachment.

I have added this video to my Instagram page too. This jingle could be added into dance and techno mixes also. The jingle is super quick. It lasts about 4 seconds. I am going to add a link to the jingle via my Google drive link. I'll provide the link below. Please feel free to download and to share the jingle.

Here is the link to the jingle FuShutup.

Here is the link to my Youtube short for FuShutup.

Here is a link to the finished MP3 track. Feel free to share the track with your friends and /or family members.

Here is a Youtube segment of my jingle, FuShutup.

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