Wednesday 23 February 2022

I've been into Influencing since late 2002.


I sometimes giggle to myself when I hear the term 'Influencer'. I created my Remote Influencing (RI) system back in the USA in late 2002. I had bought the domain name, in 2003. I ran a .com web site with the aforementioned domain name for quite a few years.

I had my book self published in 2008. The title of the book is, The Remote Influencer 2. I didn't write 2 books. It's a long story as to why I had chosen the title with 2 at the end of it. The important point I am making is that I have used influence and influencing way before the term became popular. This is why is is important to document your work and your ideas. Otherwise it's just hearsay.

Monday 21 February 2022

TRICS and Virtual Consulting.


Virtual or e consulting methods have been implemented in my solutions from way back in 2002. I found some interesting perspectives on virtual consulting via my online research endeavors a few days ago.

Here's what I had found.

The future of consultancy is virtual.

I had found the above via the website below. You will have to scroll down the page and then you will see the powerful sentence as in the above. I agree with Scopism 100%.