Tuesday 20 September 2022

Pro bono E consulting regarding Google drive files.


I had conducted a pro bono e consulting session for one of my relatives from the USA a few days ago. She didn't know about Google drive or how she could use it and what it's capabilities are. I provided her with text based guidance or support via Whatsapp. 

We then decided to do a video call using Whatsapp. This worked out well as many people prefer visual support instead of text based support. The problem was solved using e consulting utilizing Whatsapp. I had sent her a photo of one of my Google drive files via Google drive too. These approaches worked well.

Monday 5 September 2022

Remote Influencing therapy, a form of integrative therapy.


The remote influencer consulting solution - TRICS is a form of integrative therapy among other things. I would classify TRICS as a form of Remote Influencing therapy. This is just one aspect of TRICS. I have suffered from anxiety for many years, if not my whole life. I am offering various forms of therapy under the TRICS umbrella. I will write more about them in future posts.

Frisee that much and Bat a bing therapy.

Frisee that much is one of the forms of therapy I am providing through TRICS. The great thing about this form of therapy is that it can be done online. In fact, all of my therapeutic offerings are internet based. I will provide links to my website and my blog below. The link to my Frisee that much Google blog is in the site below.


There are many forms of therapy that are in existence today. Did you know that plate smashing is a form of therapy? Here's a link to a site which has more info on this form of therapy.


Remote influencing therapy services

Here is the link to my new Youtube channel for Remote Influencing therapy. http://www.youtube.com/@remoteinfluencingtherapy