Tuesday 15 August 2023

Google business profiles and listed hours of operation for said businesses.


I had a Google meetings video call with a supposed friend of mine last week. He is not proficient with tech. During our video call, I showed him one of my Google profiles for Way of The Remote Influencer. I will refer to him as Pinfradi. This is my nickname for him.

Pinfradi said that my listing showed just Monday. Our took place last Friday. I tried to explain to Pinfradi that Google business profiles do not show the full hours of operation for business listings. That's why Google have added the handy black downward facing arrow in the listing page. When the viewer clicks on the downward arrow, the full hours of operation are then listed for all to see. If you click the arrow again, it goes back to the one day listing. Pinfradi did not want to admit that he had made a mistake. I sent Pinfradi an email which had a link to my Google free one page site for Way of The Remote Influencer. This site has my hours listed in full. These are the same hours as my Google profile too. Pinfradi did not reply to my email. This is because I had proved him wrong.

Here is a link to my Youtube video. It provides more info on the above.


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