Monday 3 April 2023

Let's see if Tyson Fury will fight Deontay Wilder within 1 year from today.


It's Monday April 3rd 2023. I have written this post to act as evidence to back up my prediction. Otherwise, it's just hearsay. I doubt that Tyson Fury will fight Deontay Wilder within a year from today. If anything, Tyson Fury will wait until Deontay Wilder becomes older and less of a threat, then he may give Deontay Wilder a shot at his WBC belt.

I have a feeling that Tyson Fury may have received some brain damage after being knocked down and nearly out by the power punching Deontay Wilder. Tyson Fury has admitted this himself. I will provide a link below. I suggest that Tyson Fury have a brain scan to see if he does in fact have some brain damage after the aforementioned knock downs or not. Tyson Fury has 7 kids if not mistaken. Is it worth getting hit again by Deontay Wilder or any of the other hard hitting heavyweights? I would include Anthony Joshua in this list. Anthony Joshua can pack a power punch too.,of%20my%20head%20like%20fists.&text=%E2%80%9CI%20didn't%20know%20if,end%20up%20with%20brain%20damage.

If I were Tyson Fury, I would retire. After all, as mentioned above, Tyson Fury has 7 kids that depend on him. If Tyson Fury were to retire now, he would do so with an unbeaten record. That's an accomplishment is it not.

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