Thursday 23 December 2021

TRICS Performance Improvement consulting.


I will be redirecting the area of consulting, coaching and training services I am providing through TRICS, to the area of Performance Improvement Consulting. This will not be traditional performance improvement consulting. The reason being, I will be incorporating my Remote Influencing system into this offering. 

I have to be honest enough to say that I had tried to add new pages to this blog. However, I was unable to do so for whatever reason. I will therefore continue using this page as a blog. The header of this blog tells the world what this blog is about. The contact page is where potential clients can contact me via. I believe in keeping things simple. I am not into flash and hype. Quality work is what I provide through this blog.

Here is a post from my Project The Remote Influencer blog. It provides more info on my Performance Improvement consulting work.

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